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  • Real City

    real city jennie le

    A friend of mine says my Instagram makes Phnom Penh look like a quaint hipster town… It’s not. Yes, I know, all I show you are the pretty waterfronts, the delicious coffee, the magical architecture… And these places really do exist here. But if this is the story I keep telling you, there’s going to […]

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  • Mother(land)

    motherland jennie le

    My mother grew up in rural Việt Nam. I can’t say that she was raised there because both her parents died by the time she was 11. Like many of those around her, her upbringing was beyond poor. In this patriarchal society, she wasn’t given an opportunity for an education past primary school, instead forced […]

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  • Mixed Identity

    photo by cindy vo

    I have always been the minority. Despite nesting in Little Saigon, I felt my otherness as soon as I left the tribe. Billboards, tv shows, and magazines were subconscious and continual reminders of that. Obviously, Cambodia is different, but not in the way that I imagined. I thought I would stand out as a foreigner […]

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  • Letting Go


    In the past, when presented with bad news, my heart and mind would become numb. Another mass shooting? A suicide bomber? Civil war and diaspora? It doesn’t really concern me. As a fellow human being, I acknowledge that this sucks, and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. But what am I supposed to do about […]

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  • Employment

    bus to kampong som

    My title does a terrible job at explaining what I do. My own colleagues – the language instructors, the IT guy, the security guard, the lunchtime cook – they’ve been here for many years now, and they still have no idea what my role does or why. As a Leadership Resident, my goal is to […]