Happy Accidents

When I arrived in Asia a year ago, I was told I was brave to have no plan, to follow the wind. Nowadays, I find it harder to breeze through life, to not succumb to the stresses of purpose, career, and status. Sometimes I wake up, aware of this directionless and titleless place I’m in, […]

2016 Wasn’t Terrible

Last year, I was focused on healing the heart and conquering depression. I basically ran a lot of half marathons and got super self-helpy. It was pretty great despite all the crying. (Thank you to all my Yay Area friends who helped me during this time, you know who you are). I wanted 2016 to […]

Give & Receive

We hear so much about the importance of giving. There’s plenty written about the science of generosity and happiness, with more listicles and pop psychology articles here, here, here, here, and here. You get the point, giving is important. In acting, I learned the importance of giving and receiving. To make scenes come alive from […]

Let’s Get Lost

My tarot card reader says that I will create my life’s best work somewhere in East Asia. Call it confirmation bias, but I think she’s talking about Seoul. I’ll preface by saying I spent five months in two developing countries prior to landing in Seoul, so I’m quite biased and jaded from nearly half a […]