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  • Mixed Identity

    photo by cindy vo

    I have always been the minority. Despite nesting in Little Saigon, I felt my otherness as soon as I left the tribe. Billboards, tv shows, and magazines were subconscious and continual reminders of that. Obviously, Cambodia is different, but not in the way that I imagined. I thought I would stand out as a foreigner […]

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  • Letting Go


    In the past, when presented with bad news, my heart and mind would become numb. Another mass shooting? A suicide bomber? Civil war and diaspora? It doesn’t really concern me. As a fellow human being, I acknowledge that this sucks, and I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. But what am I supposed to do about […]

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  • Employment

    bus to kampong som

    My title does a terrible job at explaining what I do. My own colleagues – the language instructors, the IT guy, the security guard, the lunchtime cook – they’ve been here for many years now, and they still have no idea what my role does or why. As a Leadership Resident, my goal is to […]