2016 Wasn’t Terrible

Last year, I was focused on healing the heart and conquering depression. I basically ran a lot of half marathons and got super self-helpy. It was pretty great despite all the crying. (Thank you to all my Yay Area friends who helped me during this time, you know who you are).

I wanted 2016 to be about content creation, consistency in health and productivity, and closeness with friends, family, and culture. While I got unnoticeably fatter, I also became a better artist and human being. I will always be a work in progress, but it’s pretty exciting to see growth year over year.

Things I’m Proud Of

  • I quit my corporate job. Suck it fear.
  • I moved to a different continent.
  • I sang all by myself with my ukulele. In front of people. For money.
  • I discovered my roots and got closer to family.
  • I discovered girl power, from Gap Girls, to 3.5 Asians, to Yayas, and the Musketeers. Oh, and all of Harpswell.
  • I collected stamps on my passport. Six languages surrounded me this year, which is pretty nuts.
  • I dated people. I liked some of them. I ghosted others. Don’t worry, karma did its thing.
  • I read 17 books, 2 less that last year. But Steve Jobs was really long. And I also read a textbook on Educational Psychology…
  • I had a good grasp of my sadgirl and figured out ways to uplift myself.

Things I Failed At

  • I got sidetracked and didn’t focus on my work. Given the opportunity, I should be doing more.
  • I didn’t create as much as I wanted to. There’s still a bit of fear and doubt that linger even though two fortune tellers have told me not to worry about it.
  • I wasn’t consistent with my health. At all. I blame it on the humidity.
  • I didn’t keep in touch with people as much as I wanted to. The Pacific Ocean really creates distance, doesn’t it.
  • I let anger get the best of me a few times instead of letting gratitude do its thing.

Next year will build upon these last two. Build your community. Make more things. Jump off the (metaphorical) cliff.